Monday, January 7, 2013

Cutting Edge Laser Hair Removal Services

Cutting edge laser hair removal services in Roslyn

New York Laser Aesthetics is the natural choice for Roslyn laser hair removal services. Conveniently located in nearby Manhasset, we provide a wide array of affordable laser hair removal treatments for both men and women. We are committed to providing our Roslyn hair removal clients the best service possible with advanced technology, and a professional and caring staff within a comfortable and discreet environment.

As part of our philosophy of providing excellent service, we understand that our clients have busy lives and packed schedules. We strive to offer convenient business hours for our clients’ peace of mind. Our Roslyn area laser hair removal clinic is open on Saturdays to accommodate our Roslyn laser treatment clients, and we are happy to inform you that our Roslyn laser hair removal treatments are quick enough to be fit into short lunch breaks.

Effectiveness, professionalism and affordability!

Our experienced New York State-certified, insured and bonded laser technicians perform every treatment we provide. Coupled with our knowledge, discerning Roslyn hair removal clients can rest assured knowing that we only use the most up-to-date, advanced medical-grade technology. The comfort of our Roslyn laser treatment clients is given paramount importance in our private and welcoming clinic, and we are proud to employ the Epicare Aesthetic Laser system, an FDA-approved medical graded device. This technology safely removes unwanted hair with minimal discomfort and irritation to the surrounding skin. Using this sophisticated technology, we are proud to give Roslyn laser hair removal clients the look and feel of smooth skin and the opportunity to finally avoid the hassle of plucking or shaving and the uncomfortable effects of waxing. 
At New York Laser Aesthetics, we can perform custom Roslyn laser hair removal services on any area of the body. We provide Roslyn laser treatments on the face, upper lip, chin, sideburns, neckline, cheeks, nose, ears, back, chest, shoulders, underarms, legs, arms, stomach. Laser hair removal is also suitable for the most sensitive parts of the body, and Roslyn Brazilian and bikini laser hair removal services are quite popular.  In addition to aesthetic reasons, many of our Roslyn laser hair removal clients find the procedures to be beneficial in other ways. Laser hair removal is a practical, timesaving procedure that allows clients to get ready more efficiently for work in the morning. Other clients find that it benefits them during activities such as running, weightlifting, swimming, and cycling. No matter what type of treatments our Roslyn laser hair removal clients choose, our staff will provide you with the utmost comfort, care and professionalism.

Our advanced technology gives great results, virtually pain-free!
Any reservations about the discomfort often associated with laser hair removal technology will be eased due to the New York Laser Aesthetics clinic’s use of the Zimmer Cooling System.  We are the only Roslyn, NY laser hair removal clinic to use this advanced technology. This FDA-approved device is designed to administer a continuous stream of cooled air upon the body area undergoing laser treatment.  This system greatly reduces the pain and irritation associated with laser removal treatments, and allows us to be confident that our clients as comfortable as possible throughout their treatments.
 As part of our ongoing commitment to accommodating our clients’ lifestyles, we pride ourselves on the Roslyn affordable laser treatments packages we offer. We aim to provide all of our Roslyn laser treatment clients with top-notch service and results. Thanks to our sophisticated technology, New York Laser Aesthetics is able to provide Roslyn laser hair removal clients with a lifetime guarantee.  After the conclusion of the initial treatment package, touch-ups are priced at a fifty-percent reduction to ensure the effects of the laser hair removal treatments last forever.  This customer satisfaction guarantee and New York Laser Aesthetics’ years of experience and solid reputation make our Roslyn laser treatment clinic the number one choice for Roslyn affordable laser hair removal services.